Product Overview

LeapAI is a one-stop, privatized, enterprise-level unified AI platform with mainstream AI technology. Through end-to-end data, algorithm and computing power management, automatic model training and interactive use experience, decrease the threshold of enterprise AI application and realize the rapid landing of AI in the enterprise's full value chain.

Product Architecture

Fully Energized

LeapAI provides developers with a comprehensive environment and tools for data processing, algorithm development, model development, and application development. Provide business personnel with rich industry algorithm templates, models and customized artificial intelligence applications. Provide system administrator with perfect platform management and operation function. Make artificial intelligence technology really used in business applications of enterprises. Realize the sharing of ability and resources, and fully empower the intelligent transformation of enterprises.

Superior performance

The platform has massive data processing capabilities, mature algorithm library, powerful distributed model training and prediction ability, and perfect platform resource management capabilities. Provide enterprises with a high-performance and low-latency artificial intelligence platform to help enterprises occupy the leading position in the market competition through artificial intelligence technology.

User Friendly

With perfect user guidance process, rich industry templates and graphical operation interface, the platform provides business personnel with a no-threshold, zero-basis environment, enabling them to mine data values through technical means without any artificial intelligence background.

Support closed-loop business value realization

The platform supports model design, model development, model test and optimization, model online, model evaluation, model offline and other life cycle management of models. Support model agile development, fast iteration, "One Click" deployment to production environment. Fully support the realization of closed-loop business.

True Enterprise Platform Architecture

A privatized enterprise AI platform that is flexibly deployed with a privatized architecture and flexibly expanded with enterprise AI business development. Provide multi-tenant management, project management, operation and maintenance monitoring to meet the demanding requirements of enterprise-level IT systems. Integration and docking with business systems, fully support AI applications for business processes and exert value.

Open and Expansibility

The platform has good openness and provides rich API and SDK interfaces, which is convenient for enterprises to integrate mature algorithms, models and applications on the platform for unified management. Fully meet the needs of enterprise business development so that artificial intelligence in enterprise can be fully applied and promoted in enterprises.

Product Feature

Data Preprocessing Module

Support multi-source heterogeneous massive data access, ai-oriented data preprocessing, feature engineering and data annotation tools, providing strong support for learning and training.

Development Environment Module

Create a personalized development environment for users in a few seconds, integrating Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, MxNet, Caffe and other mainstream deep learning frameworks. Integrating mature development tools such as Jupyter Notebook and TensorBoard, and providing a unified graphical interface to simplify operation and meet different user needs.

Self-Design Module

The algorithm is optimized and encapsulated with the graphical operation mode of drag and drop.Let users with certain professional foundation add their own design concepts to model development with the help of Self-Design module, so as to further deepen the understanding of machine learning process.

Auto ML Module

Provide a no-threshold machine learning tool for business users with machine learning processes automated such as data feature processing, model selection and model optimization automated and drag-and-drop graphical operation interface. Enabling business users mine data values through technical means without any artificial intelligence background.

Job Management Module

Users don't need to care about the underlying computing and storage resources, only a few simple steps to create deep learning distributed training tasks. Also provide the auxiliary function such as the job management, condition monitoring and log view to help users solve the problems of shortage of computing resources, complex configuration of cluster environment and lack of resource management in the process of AI development and training.

Knowledge Graph Module

Enterprise-level knowledge graph analysis and display tool integrating large-scale graph database, high-performance computing engine and rich graphic display.Real-time analysis and mining PB of data at second level. Provide a visual analysis tool for enterprise users to get through multi-source data, understand the connotation of data and build knowledge system.

AI Asset Management

AI-oriented data, algorithm, image and model full life cycle management. Provide enterprise-level AI asset management to ensure enterprise AI assets to be fully used and precipitation, truly create business value for the enterprise.

Platform Management Module

Provide multi-tenant management, project management, operation and maintenance monitoring to meet the demanding requirements of enterprise-level IT systems. Safeguarding the development of enterprise AI business.

Typical Cases
Typical case 1: Lenovo LUDP AI platform

As the leader and enabler of intelligent transformation, Lenovo has applied artificial intelligence technology in production, supply chain, marketing and other business fields.


At present, Lenovo artificial intelligence platform has been applied in many business fields, with more than 50 application scenarios and pilot scenarios.


At present, the number of users of Lenovo Artificial Intelligence Platform has reached more than 800, and shows a steady upward trend.

  • Marketing Management

    Lenovo Intelligent Call Ce- nter、Customer purchasing tendency analysis、Noteb- ook sales forecast.

  • Industrial Manufacture

    Intelligent Detection of LCD Screen

  • Assistant Decision

    LCIG Intelligent Investment

  • Supply Chain

    Intelligent Logistics Mana- gement

  • SCPA

    Market Product Trend An-alysis

Typical case 2:Industrial Optimization Analysis Model for Petrochemical Industry
  • Business Scenarios

    Application of oil varieties in relation to gasoline yield、Alarm Causal Link Analysis、Indicator Anomaly Monitoring、Parameter optimization、Service life prediction of catalyst in hydrogenation plant、Device process data analysis、Product yield optimization of catalytic cracking unit.

  • Customer Benefit

    Real-time extraction and modeling of operational data to extract critical data for assisted production decisions、Product yield increased by 0.3%-0.8%.

Application Scenarios
  • Vision
    • Object Detection and Recognition
    • Face Retrieval
    • Identity Recognition
    • 3D Reconstruction
    • Character Recognition
  • hearing
    • Intelligent Call Center
    • Service Robot
    • Real-time Voice Transcription
    • Speech Quality Inspection
  • cognitive
    • Intelligent Search
    • Intelligent Investment
    • Industry Knowledge Graph
    • Public Security Detection
    • Financial Risk Management
  • Thought
    • Precision Marketing
    • link Selling
    • Analysis of Hot Issues
    • Customer / Media Portrait
    • Marketing Analyst