Strategic Demand Trend Forecast Solution

Strategic demand trend prediction is effective to carry out the marketing plan, collaborative optimization, production and marketing products and services innovation activities such as the basis and prerequisite

  • Automobile industry

    The automobile industry is one of the pillar industries of the country. The automobile industry involves production, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, service and so on. It has a long supply chain and strong demand for market demand perception and prediction. It can effectively improve automobile marketing planning, spare parts purchase and inventory allocation, automobile product R&D and innovation by forecasting the trend of automobile demand. Enterprise operation.

  • Insurance industry

    Insurance as a social one of the important financial tools of risk management, in addition to claims after a disaster, disaster prevention security and risk management is also the industry an important function. Be precise, disaster prevention security can effectively cope with natural disasters such as typhoon, inform the beneficiary in advance, the potential risk to the insurance company's losses to a minimum..

  • Petrochemical Industry

    In view of the uncertainties in the international oil market, how to predict the demand factors and scale of oil and gas consumption, production capacity and supply so as to effectively control the procurement, production and supply of petrochemical products, and to predict the crisis caused by domestic and international external events, cooperate with multi-means to regulate and control rationing in order to control price runaway and stock wind? Crisis events such as insufficient insurance and supply are important work in petrochemical industry.

  • Intelligent manufacturing

    Industrial Internet is a key network infrastructure to meet the needs of industrial intelligent development, which has the characteristics of low delay, high reliability and wide coverage. It is a new mode of business and application formed by the deep integration of new generation information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing industry. Demand forecasting using large data technology can help enterprises optimize process flow. Cheng, improve the rate of finished products, reduce the rate of waste products, reduce manufacturing costs, improve production efficiency.

Underlying data capabilities
  • Internet Data Service

  • IOT Data Service

  • Big Data Storage & Computing service

  • Data Analysis and Mining Service

Customer value

Big data forecasting is the core application of big data. Big data forecasting expands the traditional meaning forecasting to "current forecasting". The advantage of big data prediction is that it transforms a very difficult prediction problem into a relatively simple description problem, which is beyond the reach of traditional small data sets. From the perspective of forecasting, the results of big data forecasting not only get simple and objective conclusions to deal with real business, but also can be used to help enterprises make business decisions. The collected data can also be planned to guide the development of greater consumption power.