Customer Journey Solution

Lenovo's customer journey solution will comprehensively promote the customer experience, achieve the "customer-centric" experience transformation and remodeling, by identifying the behavior path each customer, combining customer journey with big data platform integrating real-time data from all online and offline customer contact points, understanding, contacting and predicting each individual customer, and optimizing the interaction mode of customer, to help the customer-centric digital transformation of enterprises.

  • Customer journey system

    There is no complete and specific customer journey analysis framework and guidance system, so it is necessary to establish methods based on existing customer behavior analysis and business analysis, combined with problem-oriented scenario analysis, to conduct exploratory analysis.

  • Contact integration

    Data collection with multi-touch and cross-channel is very complicated, the data is collected from different online and offline contacts, and collection and data cleaning technologies should be selected according to the current situation of the enterprise.

  • Customer analysis

    The key issue in customer journey analysis is how to carry out user unique identification and data homology as well as user behavior and emotion analysis. Only by realizing homology can we draw a complete customer journey for each customer, and only by realizing behavioral and emotional analysis can we optimize and improve the customer journey.

  • Customer journey optimization

    To achieve an excellent customer journey design, besides the good digital foundation, the enterprise needs to implement the "customer-centric" corporate culture from leaders to employees, and use advanced analysis tools to continuously optimize the customer experience.

Underlying data capability
  • Contact data consolidation service

    integrate the data of corporate official website, APP, official account, applet, online mall, offline store, 400 and other touch points to form a unified data service.

  • Big data storage computing service

    open the data interface of Internet devices, collect and integrate data, and return data in JSON format

  • Data analysis and mining services

    open the data interface of Internet devices, collect and integrate data, and return data in JSON format