Background and Current Status

IDC report believes that 2017 is the beginning year of enterprise digital transformation and the era of enterprise digital transformation is coming. Data capabilities have become the core competence of enterprises. More and more CIOs are working hard to eliminate “data silos”, so that enterprises have the full amount of data with high quality, consistency, easing access and applicable. Enterprises are facing many challenges during the digital transformation. Firstly, there are multiple business systems, data sources are diverse and heterogeneous data integration is the primary problem facing enterprises; Secondly, the quality problems of data lead to the lack of reliable basis for decision making, and it is difficult to conduct in-depth analysis based on it; Lastly, the system construction has entered the vicious circle of “building more and more chaos”, and the maintenance cost and re-construction cost continue to rise. Enterprises urgently need more advanced technology to carry out in-depth mining and analysis of data to assist decision-making, bring out the value of data, and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through technologies such as data visualization, data analysis and processing, and artificial intelligence.

Lenovo DataLake Solution
Lenovo DataLake has below advantages
  • Full data consolidation

  • Unified data processing, data models

  • Multi-tenant mode, Open, Sharing and Agility

Lenovo DataLake Solution Architecture
The main compositions of Lenovo DataLake
  • Multi-source heterogeneous data Integration

  • Data Computing

  • Data Governance

  • Data Application and Sharing

  • Data visualization tools

  • Optimal data solution for each business entity

Best Practices
  • Lenovo Group Ltd

    Based on Lenovo’s DataLake, which is called Lenovo Unified Data Platform, Lenovo has achieved the Group's digital operation transformation. Million products can be personalized globally to precisely meet customers’ needs. Intelligent Supply Chain Forecasting, Realize the Transformation of Supply Chain Management Mode Real-time data support for product design or iteration, significantly improve products qualities. Refine the upstream and downstream collaborations and achieve the innovation of business opportunity management mode.

  • One automobile corporate

    The corporate has built up the big data ecosystem by fully integrating the internal and external data, unifying and sharing data, and deeply mining data values. Reduce IT costs continuously.Business operation capability has gradually improved.

  • One energy corporate

    The corporate consolidates operational data, quality data, corrosion data, cost data, material data and energy data through establishing the big data platform. Then apply machine learning algorithms on the consolidated data to achieve process parameters correlation analysis and optimization, key indicators monitoring and warning, root cause analysis, etc.